Behind the scenes of our real-time funding information delivery

From desk research and information compilation to data classification and publication, our research process covers the key elements required to ensure our content output is comprehensive, accurate, timely and fit for purpose.

Providing broad coverage about funding opportunities is expert work. Our information is continually sourced, updated and checked for accuracy by a team of specialist researchers, copywriters and copyeditors who all have a strong background across the public, private and community sectors.

The research team also includes bid writing specialists who have experience of writing successful bids and applying their knowledge of different funders to help our clients to improve the quality of their bids.

Our content process is:

Reactive – our research teams keep in touch with all relevant breaking news feeds, funders’ websites, press releases and latest policy documents. We are reactive to information published in news feeds, websites, document and policy releases, and on a weekly basis we track over 4,000 information sources. In addition, we have developed an in-house tool, which enables us to track changes to thousands of source websites on a nightly basis.

Proactive – using various update cycles to ensure our data is up to date, we maintain regular contact with a whole host of funding administrators and policy managers, charitable trusts, societies, research councils, national Government, the EU and many others with whom we have built up a relationship of trust over many years. Our excellent contacts ensure we get inside knowledge on new funding opportunities, which can be immediately added to our system and disseminated to our clients.

All our content is subject to a strict editorial process that ensures the information we provide you is consistent, accurate and relevant.



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